Education & Conservation

Our sharks are in trouble

Our seas are in trouble

Our planet is in trouble

A portion of each sale goes to Shark and Ocean Conservation!

Shark conservation and education

Sharks are majestic apex predators who play a vital role in maintaining a thriving marine ecosystem. A healthy ocean, in turn, is crucial for a healthy planet.

Shark populations have declined by a whopping 90% in our lifetime. And when they aren’t being deliberately hunted, they are struggling with the numerous threats to their survival – from pollution, to entanglement in long lines and fishing nets, to loss of habitat. Almost every species of shark is severely threatened or critically endangered. They need our protection, our respect, and our appreciation.

Are Sharks Dangerous? 

Of course they can be, but not NEARLY as dangerous as most people think. Cows, deer, dogs, coconuts, and even vending machines kill way more people than sharks every year.

For years, sharks have been portrayed as mindless monsters who deserved to be hunted and eliminated for the safety and well-being of humans. This fallacy has directly contributed to the alarming rate at which these creatures are being erased from our seas. We want to help spread the word that we need sharks now more than ever!

Shark conservation charity

“Great acts are made up of small deeds.” – Lao Tzu

Shark Generation’s sincerest goal is to spread the word that sharks are AWESOME! If even one person is inspired to think differently about sharks, then we have hope that others will too. Speak out against the decimation of these incredible animals by proudly wearing our stuff, post a picture or video of yourself with any of our products to our Instagram page @shark.generation, join our Facebook group, add yourself to our mailing list, and learn about different shark species that interest you so you can share that information with your friends. By being a part of the Shark Generation, you give future generations of sharks a fighting chance.

Shark Generation will donate a portion of every sale directly to shark and ocean conservation.

Be a Part of the Shark Generation

Sharks aren’t just apex predators. They’re vital to a healthy eco-system in our oceans.Our oceans, in turn, are absolutely vital to the health of our planet. We want to educate this generation, and generations to come, on the importance of sharks, in the survival of planet Earth.

A portion of each sale goes to Shark and Ocean Conservation.